How To Market A Business – 10+ Proven Methods10+ Free Advertising Sites – Advertisers Guide To Free AdvertisingHow To Market A Business – 10+ Proven Methods

When you are at the planning stages of your business, it’s very important that you are already factoring in how you can break it to the market. It means figuring out a way how you can bring and break it to the interested parties, which are your target audience. 

Quick Method #1 – Promote the Business in Free Advertising Sites

Go ahead and post your business to the following free advertising sites:

Quick Method #2 – Promote the Business in Free Article Sites

Go ahead and post your business to the following free article submission sites:

Other Methods:

Running a business also means maintaining a brand, which is equal to keeping it flagrant and alive. In addition to that, you business owners will have to competitively keep growing the name as the business continues. Otherwise, it will be left behind by other businesses. So, it’s important that businesses be also aggressive in expanding their audience reach and fame. The more exposed the business is, the more people will learn about the product or the services that the business sells. Without these people, the businesses’ ability to sell is becomes hampered. 

Targeted parties need to know about the product and the business itself as an entity, as a brand. By letting this happen, business owners are able to get the audiences’ engagement, reaction, and sentiment – their behavior, in general, that will help these businesses become effective in selling their product or service and perform well enough to keep on growing and expanding. 

Increasing the audience produces a positive feedback loop. The more visible the business is, the more people get to see and know it, the bigger the chance becomes to turn a significant part of these people to sell your product or services to. 

Yet all this necessary exposure can only be done if the right and effective marketing methods are carried out, which includes advertising on the places or platforms that are in tune with what you offer or what your business is about. 

Today, there is an abundance of platforms that you can use to grow your business, gain, and keep a competitive edge. At the same time, we can consider that as a positive circumstance, too many choices often are overwhelming. 

So, this is where we come in to help. Here, we’ll lay down some of the best available platforms online that you can bring your business to either as a starting point or a supplement to help your brand and business grow. Some on the list are specific to certain categories, which should help you decide whether they are the right fit for your business. Nonetheless, more items in the lists are more general and can accommodate ads from almost any area or type of product. 

1. Craigslist

Craigslist is an online classified ads platform that provides an advertising avenue for a wide variety of services and items. Their services are available for both professional business owners and individual sellers, who may only be selling stuff on the side without having a business to maintain or grow. 

When visiting the website, it’s not difficult to figure out what can be done with it. On its homepage alone, visitors will already be able to see the different categories for all the types that can be advertised on the platform: Community, Housing, Services, Jobs, For Sale, Discussion Forums, Gigs, and Resumes. Under these main categories lie the extensive lists of subcategories. Craigslist is available in a lot of countries in the world, although it’s most famous in the United States, where it originated. There are many subsections on the platform that will help sellers take necessary steps to avoid being scammed, take care of their personal information, and ask general questions. Posting is free, and sellers may opt to create an account or not. It’s not the best-looking platform, but it’s easy to explore and won’t take long before one gets comfortable. 

2. Geebo

Geebo is a first-rank listing website that’s available to any interested business owners or business-minded people if they would like to bolster their chance of reaching as many people as possible. It’s attentively arranged with the user in mind that despite all the overwhelming details on its homepage, it’s easy to use; one wouldn’t find anything uncomfortable or intimidating. 

The categories that they cover are Merchandise, Construction / Farm Equipment, Vehicles, Services, Employment, Rentals/Roommates, Real Estate, Resumes. It is saddening, however, that Geebo is only available in the United States. Like with Craigslist and with most of the listing platforms, these main divisions are further classified into more specific sections. The platform continues to be active despite being in the industry since 1999. It’s not a surprise considering the fact that it’s user-friendly. It really takes into consideration the customer experience. When a seller posts an ad, it’s all done in an uncomplicated and effortless process. The page where you do fill in some details is free from unnecessary distraction. Hence, in about 5 minutes, this can all be done. 

3. H1Ad

H1Ad is an easy-to-use listing platform that some will like while some will not. It’s entirely free, but free services often come with a tradeoff. Here on H1Ad, ads are everywhere. While some may find them disturbing, they are not big interruptions that may prohibit sellers from keeping their way forward to complete posting their ads. As a general listing platform, sellers may count on it in posting an ad for any service or product that they offer. Other than the occurrences of the ads that may pop up when someone navigates the platform forward, there are no other distractions. The ads that will pop out can be closed fast and easily. 

In posting the ad, the seller first has to select the right category for what he/she is trying to market. It could be the specific product that’s being sold or the brand and the service that the brand offers. It’s all completely free, and it’s entirely up to the seller if he/she would like to create an account to see and track all the ads that will be posted. 

4. Vinted

Vinted should be right up to someone’s alley if his or her game is in fashion and style. Vinted is essentially the platform that will enable sellers from almost around the world to interact and create a store online. Vinted allows buyers and sellers in the US and some countries in Europe to buy and sell preloved clothes and accessories. The platform is very specific to the said niche, so if your business isn’t cut out for what it caters to, you are better off with other online marketplaces. It was founded back in 2008 in Lithuania. Hence it’s been thriving for more than a decade, and at the time of this writing, the platform is available in the following countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic,  

Vinted has both the web and the app versions, which will enable sellers to post or advertise their products using the app while on the go. The web version is also ideal to use if you are using a desktop or a bigger tablet. 

5. ClassifiedsFactor

ClassifiedsFactor is a classier version of H1Ad. In many ways, they are similar. But, ClassifiedsFactor has a more formal and professional vibe making it ideal for working with, especially if the seller is looking to create a reputable vibe around his or her brand name. Sellers won’t have to pay to use its services. It’s a platform that should boost the popularity and presence of a brand online. Taking your business to the platform will give you an extra advantage since it will give you added popularity. You can post any product that you are selling here since it allows a broad range of categories of products and services to be posted here: From vehicles real estate, to any for-sale items, to jobs. 

When submitting the listing, the first thing you must define is the category of the product that you would like to make a listing for. It will further be made clear when you select the subcategory for it. In addition to those two, you must also provide some details about your advertisement and your contact information. 

6. Etsy

Etsy is a craft-and-arts-specific marketplace that’s specially created to support craftsmen and artists by providing them a platform where they can market their creations and products. While there is an extensive list of categories that can be marketed on the platform, such as Jewelry and Accessories, Clothing and Shoes, Home and Living, Wedding and Party, Toys and Entertainment, Crafts and Supplies and Vintage items, all of these are expected to be unique and not for the mass market, such as items that are manufactured in the factories. 

Etsy is more than just a platform and a marketplace; it’s also a movement that aims to empower independent sellers to sell their creations and things that make them proud as artists and craftsmen. All the products are handmade; they possess the highest quality at a reasonable and affordable price. The company is for sellers who would like to break it to the market without having to deal with the pressure of competing with the standard factory-manufactured goods and produce. 

8. FinderMaster

FinderMaster is one of the best listing services that you must use if you would like to improve your brand and more effectively market your products and services. Sellers won’t have to spend a single penny of theirs, so they can take advantage of the services the platform offers. It’s painless to take off. When publishing the ad, sellers must first select the category and the subcategory, and because they are trying to create and launch their brand here, they must also create your account. 

Having an account will always position business owners a few steps ahead since they are able to manage their ads with better efficacy. In addition to that, they get to see how their viewers and potential buyers react to their ads; hence you get a close look at how your ads are performing. This gives sellers insights on how to do better and opportunities to work on to have more effective ads. 

8. Carousell

Carousell is among Asia’s most popular marketplaces. It gives opportunities to Asian entrepreneurs to get their hands into online selling. Such a case is particularly true in the smaller countries in Asia, such as Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines. Please take note, however, that Carousell isn’t limited to these countries alone. It’s also available in a lot of countries where English is spoken. 

While Carousell is supposed to be for general items, which means that sellers can sell almost any product they have, the platform focuses on used items. So sellers can take advantage of such a platform if they have used clothes, accessories, household items, and other things that they will no longer need or won’t have any used for. As a marketplace, Carousell just doesn’t let the sellers advertise. On the platform is where everything can happen at the same time, from marketing to processing the sale. Here, the sellers have the opportunity to establish and grow their brand and business. 

9. Shopolop

Shopolop is a highly convenient platform for anyone whose main intent is to sell goods or items that he or she has in his or her inventory. The platform isn’t necessarily the best ally for anyone who is planning to market a brand or promote a business as a whole. It’s a marketplace that is being overseen by its admin, which means that sellers aren’t as free as they are when they bring their brand to the usual listing platforms. If sellers want to use the Shopolop services, they will have to send a form with the information about the product they would like to sell. Shopolop will assess if they pass their standards on the item of concern. Only when it did that the product will be listed on the platform, but not under the individual seller. It will be sold straight from under Shopolop. While it’s a great avenue where sellers can sell their great stuff, it won’t fare well when we talk about its ability to promote someone’s name and help improve someone’s reputation as a business entity. 

10. eBay

eBay is one of the most prolific and well-respected marketplaces. Anybody who’s been buying online might have already thought or heard of eBay because it’s one of the famous shops that one can get their goods or from. It’s a shop that gives consumers the choices to buy items from. For the sellers, however, it’s a household name that supports and bolsters the chances of reaching out to the audience big-time. And because it’s a general merchandise marketplace, it caters to almost any kind of business. But to be able to use the services, the sellers who intend to use eBay will have to either use their Gmail, Facebook, or Apple log-in credential to log in. If they don’t want to go with this route, another option that awaits is to create an account with a valid and working email address. eBay will surely be worth someone’s time, but it certainly comes with a fee. eBay takes a small cut for allowing individual sellers to buy place their ads on the platform. 

11. Poshmark

Poshmark is another marketplace the fashion lovers can count on, particularly those burgeoning entrepreneurs who have got the right inventory to sell and reach out to consumers and, at the same time, fashion lovers. 

The company isn’t just a marketplace but a social media platform that connects business-minded folks and fashionistas in the United States. While the brand may be known to focus on fashion, it caters to almost anything that has to do with style. So, here, buyers will also be able to find stuff and products that are related to home decoration and beauty regimens. It’s an opportunity for sellers to take their business to if they would like to join the community where fashion meets business and selling. 

Poshmaker can be found both in the web version or the desktop version. Either version delivers an extremely user-friendly atmosphere and is both easy and refreshing to use. Fashion-minded entrepreneurs must maximize Poshmark as an opportunity they shouldn’t miss, although it comes with a certain fee. 

12. ThredUp

ThredUp is the one that fashion sellers are looking for if they would like to sell high-quality and branded used clothes, shoes, accessories, and – to an extent – household stuff. 

ThredUp is another eCommerce company available for business-and-fashion-minded folks to turn to if they would like to make fashion their business. Here is the answer used clothes won’t get to waste right away or be handed down to the wrong people. ThredUp will help entrepreneurs or even individuals to productively eliminate clothes that are no longer being worn and will not be ever. Sellers who are interested in doing their business on the platform will have to express their intent to ThredUp, so the company can send them the kit or a bag where clothes will be put into. 

Once the clothes are packed, they will be sent back to ThredUp, and the company will evaluate if these are clothes are good enough that they meet the company’s standards to be sold on the platform. Once they pass, ThredUp will take care of all the legwork for posting and advertising the used stuff. 

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